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Pistachio Dukkah - $15.00

Pistachio Dukkah - $15.00

Nothing we love more than an ingredient that has the power to transform a variety of dishes with ease and versatility. Our ground pistachios mixed with organic super seeds and dusted in spices are thoughtfully crafted, bright, herbaceous, and perfect for seasoning, topping, saucing, and such. 

Delicious with everything (seriously), our take on this ancient recipe adds just the right touch (and crunch) to toast, roasted vegetables, yogurt, or used as a dry rub for grilled meats and fish. The possibilities are endless.

But what is dukkah?

Originating in ancient Egypt, dukkah is a nut and seed blend named from the Arabic word ‘to pound." Traditionally eaten for breakfast (think bread dipped in olive oil topped with dukkah) or as a street food served in paper cones throughout the Middle East and North Africa. More recently, this Middle-Eastern-inspired blend can be found on the menus of top chefs everywhere.

Origin Story

Grown at a farm in Northern California, our ground pistachios are mixed with organic super seeds and dusted in spices from the master blenders at La Boite. This must-have seasoning is bottled at a facility only a few hours from our warehouse ~ which reduces carbon emissions.

Made With

Pistachios, organic flax seeds, organic hemp seeds, organic white sesame seeds, green chilies, parsley, coriander, salt, and garlic powder. Simple as that.

Vegan, Organic
Recyclable Glass Jar, Fully Compostable Sugarcane Label
Net Wt. 3.75oz (106g)

Made in the USA



Nuts, garlic, sesame 

Redefining Good Packaging

Our glass is carbon friendly. We love good packaging. Even better, packaging that does good. That’s why we’re constantly researching the latest innovations in order to create the most planet friendly packaging possible. We source our jars from a local, family-owned business that specializes in carbon-friendly, USA-made glass jars with no plastic liners. Best part: they can be reused in the kitchen or home for, well, ever.

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Our Zero Waste Approach

We believe in small steps. Reusing an old jar. Eating more veggies. Simple, mindful actions that add up. Make sense. Make a difference. Because, the truth is, we eat and drink...a lot. In fact, our consumption accounts for a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions - one of the largest contributors to climate change. Good news is, we can do something about it. At west~bourne, we take a humble approach to safeguarding our planet, people, and future by creating nutritious, zero~waste pantry provisions that harness the supernatural powers of vegetables. 
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House Porridge

A nourishing blend of ancient grains to be crafted savory or sweet makes the perfect home base. Paired with seasonal fruit and yogurt for a touch of sweet or roasted mushrooms, a soft boiled egg, and topped with our Pistachio Dukkah for a warming dinner.