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January 10, 2024

Breaking Down Our Mission

join us on this journey to grow our impact

Breaking Down Our Mission

We welcome you to join us on this journey to grow our impact –– with our easy yet elevated, delicious but discerning, plant forward, climate positive provisions. As a collective of conscious humans, each decision matters from what you eat to how you gather together. Welcome to our uncompromising work in progress.

The Earth Deserves Wild Optimism(our ethos)

Through transparency and our carbon neutral supply chain, we are here to both guide and walk the path with you – presenting tips and solutions, while elevating the farmer and experts working hand in soil everyday. We are the connector. 

Sustainability Starts At The Source(our roots)

Each of our ingredients are mindfully sourced from regenerative farms and producers with traceable supply chains.

We utilize upcycled produce wherever we can to eliminate waste and work tirelessly to elevate the farmers we partner with. 

Quality Over Everything(our products)

Chef-driven recipes utilizing the most flavorful, nutrient dense ingredients.

Healthier soil means more nutrient dense food, which equates to a healthier consumer. 

A Collective Work In Progress(our community) 

Gathering is how we activate. Recognizing it will take a collective effort to get where we are going, we want to empower people to come together and share the joy of gathering responsibly.

One conscious decision, like which snack to serve, means creating a ground swell of positive impact in otherwise small, everyday moments. 

Together let's eat well, do better, and gather often.

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