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On the Road


Meet Charlie

What's old is new — our girl Charlie is hitting the highway to bring sustainable provisions and unforgettable moments to a gathering near you. From breakfast to apero hour and everything in between, Charlie brings something special to any collective, always progressive by going back in time.

About Charlie:
She's a vintage Dodge A100, a California classic made in 1966. This model was the last edition of the first generation of these pickups.

  • Completely renovated and ready to drive, we’re giving new life to an old car that otherwise would be sitting on the sidelines.
  • Finished and fitted with up-cycled furniture and shelving from west~bourne's original Soho NYC restaurant, along with 1960’s up-cycled Mercedes leather and a wimbledon white coat.
  • Fun fact: this particular style was featured in That 70s Show. It certainly has a very 70s vibe and we dig it. Popular at the time of production with around 60k made, they are now hard to find so we consider her a precious diamond in the rough.
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A woman in a long dress walking through an orchard, surrounded by blooming avocado trees.

It's In Our Nature

At west~bourne, our ethos is 'eat well. do better. gather often' With chef-driven snacks and pantry staples meant to dress up everyday cooking, and serve as unique additions to any gathering. All impeccably sourced, utilizing regenerative, sustainable, and organic ingredients.

Founded by chef Camilla Marcus and rooted in a love for hospitality that stemmed from a childhood filled with gathering around the dinner table, frequent trips to the farmers market, and cooking with everything on hand - from seed to stem, in order to reduce waste - we're bringing our communal, laidback, international, mindful, and always sustainable sensibility, snacks and avocado oil to you.

Carbon Neutral, Always

Every journey with our truck would is carbon neutral and allows us to bring our mission and vibes to our community in a more mindful way, a moveable pop up if you will. But how, you ask? Well we calculate the trip’s mileage (around 4,700 miles) and offset every mile that our pop-up track travels.

From Sunrise to sunset:


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