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April 27, 2023

Design Like a Mother

Anna Polonsky ~ Mama, Founder + Creative Director of Polonsky & Friends, and Co-Founder of The Deligram

Design Like a Mother

Meet Anna Polonsky. As the founder of Polonsky & Friends–a New York–based strategy and design studio that supports leading chefs, hoteliers, and restaurateurs, and the co-founder of The Deligram–a newsletter spotlighting artisanal food and beverage makers, Anna is a pillar of the food world. Closing out our "Like a Mother" series, we talk to her about food as a beacon of community, and the inherent communal nature of sustainability–both in her home and in the industry.

Say you’re writing a tweet: For our community, can you share a little bit about yourself and the work you do?

I love food. I love design. I love stories. I invented a job for myself where I get to tell stories about food with the help of design. (w~b note: For a look at her work, visit @polonskyandfriends, and explore her expansive food + beverage community by signing up to The Deligram.)

We all know you can’t pour from an empty cup. That being said, what daily ritual nourishes you, roots you, and keeps you grounded so that you can care for others? 

A 30 min yoga (mostly stretching!) session at home and walking to wherever my first obligation of the day is. It's about mental health more than about exercise; whenever I travel and don't get to do those things, I realize I might actually be the anxious type!

As a brand, our mission is to leave the Earth a bit better than how we found it. What is one thing you do consistently to safeguard the planet for future generations?

We try very hard to shop small and locally, as much as possible – we buy farmers market or co-op veggies, meat from our neighborhood butcher, and pantry and treats through The Deligram-approved, NY-based artisanal food makers. 

What does sustainable living mean to you? 

Community! A buzzword, but an important one! Sustainability is holistic, it obviously entails environmentalism (actions that are sustainable for the planet) but also, and in equal parts, community (things that are good for people around you). It's meant to be a vertuous circle. If you do good by your planet, you do good by your fellow humans. If you support good people doing good things (such as artisanal food makers, responsible entrepreneurs, etc.), chances are the results are better for the planet. 

Like a Mother is a series spotlighting mothers in the west~bourne village whose brands, missions, and wisdom revolve around safeguarding our planet and communities. 


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