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April 13, 2023

Empower Like a Mother

Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli ~ Marketer, Creator, Podcast Host + Mom

Empower Like a Mother

Meet BrookeDeVard Ozaydinli, a marketer at Instagram and host of Naked Beauty, an award-winning podcast. Through her unfiltered conversations with women, Brooke empowers a global community to examine their own preconceived notions of beauty. 

In your own words, (no longer than a tweet) share a little bit about yourself and your work with our community.

I'm a marketer at Instagram, a beauty content creator, podcaster and Mom. I started Naked Beauty to created unfiltered conversations with women I admire about their approach to self-care and beauty in the hopes of inspiring others and creating more conscious beauty practices. 

We all know you can’t pour from an empty cup. That being said, what daily ritual nourishes you, roots you, and keeps you grounded, so you can care for others?

Extremely long and indulgent showers and baths. I've developed an entire bathing ritual that spans from dry brushing to face masks to self-massage. I find that when I really take the time to care for my skin, hair and body, I feel that much more able to give my energy to others around me. 

As a brand, our mission is to leave the Earth a bit better than how we found it. What is one thing you do consistently to safeguard the planet for future generations?

Always shopping at local bookstores. Even if it means I have to wait to get the book, I will wait! I do not buy any single-use sheet masks or use beauty products with unnecessary plastic (wherever possible,  and I ensure that any all-natural products I buy (e.g., shea butter) are ethically and sustainably sourced – all companies should provide insight on their website. I am also a die-hard fan of shopping designer consignment. The impact on the planet is major. So many clothes are needlessly produced each year which just creates more waste. If the demand declines and consumers are vocal, the fast fashion industry will be forced to create more sustainable models for driving revenue.

What does sustainable living mean to you?

Living sustainably for me means being aware of the nature around you. Being grateful for the ecosystem we exist in means recognizing your place in the system and your impact on the environment. Once you have that awareness, you're able to live more mindfully and make those changes. 


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