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May 12, 2024

The Main Meal: Lizzy Mathis

The Main Meal: Lizzy Mathis

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Cool Mom Co., Lizzy is an entrepreneur, entertainer, and powerhouse mom of 3. Widely trusted as a representative for modern moms,  Lizzy  has been featured in top media outlets for her vibrant personality and knowledge in the lifestyle space.

You will find her starring in Roku’s #1 rated new series “Honest Renovations”. Additionally, her highly anticipated podcast, The Cool Mom Code, is now live, where she invites celebrity friends & powerhouse moms to have real, unfiltered conversations about parenthood, friendship, and being a modern woman in today’s world.

As the creator of the Cool Mom Code, what makes a damn good mama? How do you channel motherhood into being a source of inspiration and power both personally and professionally?

Being a damn good mama is in all of us! I love fiercely, I play passionately and I work with conviction. Motherhood drives me like no other - my kids are my inspiration and reminder of all the good this world can possess. To see the world through their eyes is magical. Truthfully, I also feel like there is nothing a mother cannot do when she sets her mind to it!

Tell us about your sustainability journey and how you connect climate consciousness into your daily life?

Sustainability is one of those things I learned to incorporate in my life so it became second nature. We make it a point to recycle, limit our use of plastics, turn off all lights and electronics when we’re not in the room. I love cooking so I grow my own veggies and herbs in season, which is pretty freaking cool! 

You love to cook - what ingredients are you craving right now? Any produce you’re maybe intimidated by but curious to learn more about?  What’s your signature dish? 

I’m always craving herbs, they are just nature’s perfect seasoning but lately, I’ve been obsessed with simple arugula salads drizzled with a little Westbourne avocado oil, lemon juice and sea salt. Anytime I’m curious about produce, I ask the farmers at the market. They always have great suggestions on how to prepare intimidating vegetables. Personally, you may never see me make eggplant but I do love any dishes with flavor and spice like my Sweet Potato and Chickpea curry served over basmati rice.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve given and shared forward with your kids?  

Anything is possible with hard work and empathy at your core.

You’ve embarked recently on such thrilled new avenues like design and media, looking back, what would you tell your younger self? 

Start the idea sooner. Don’t wait, just start! Time is not guaranteed.

Fill in the blank: My mother gave me ______.

an unbreakable foundation to stand, grow, and soar from. 


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