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June 07, 2024

Understanding Carbon Offsets and Their Importance

Understanding Carbon Offsets and Their Importance

At west~bourne, our mission transcends creating sustainable and regenerative products. We're dedicated to making a profound impact on our planet. As a Climate Neutral certified company, we've measured our brand's annual emissions, offset them by investing in climate change solutions, and started taking time-bound action to reduce our emissions. We're proud to be a part of this movement where all individuals can use their purchasing power against climate change, and all brands have the tools to be climate neutral.

What Are Carbon Offsets?

Carbon offsets represent measurable, verifiable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) that can balance out emissions produced elsewhere. When you opt for a carbon offset at checkout, you directly fund projects that reduce carbon dioxide (CO₂) or other GHGs in the atmosphere. We choose to invest in The Garcia River Project, a Redwood Forest preservation and management coalition in Northern California that protects carbon reservoirs, preserves wildlife habitats, reduces the risk of wildfires, and safeguards the California watershed–to neutralize our carbon footprint. This project protects 23,000 acres of forest and absorbs 14,000 cars worth of emissions annually. What's more is that you can match our investment to make your shipment carbon negative.

How Does Our Carbon Offsetting System Work?

1. Calculation: We meticulously calculate the carbon footprint of each product, considering its entire lifecycle from production to delivery.

2. Reduction: We're committed to minimizing emissions through sustainable materials, optimizing our supply chain, and incorporating renewable energy into our operations.

3. Offset Purchase: For any remaining emissions, we offer you the option to match carbon offsets directly through our website at checkout. Each offset represents a reduction of one metric ton of CO₂ or its equivalent in other GHGs.

4. Project Funding: Your offset purchases fund certified projects with a proven track record of reducing or removing GHGs from the atmosphere.

Why Are Carbon Offsets Important?

1. Climate Change Mitigation: Carbon offsets are essential in our fight against climate change. By supporting projects that reduce or remove GHGs, our offsets help balance out emissions that are otherwise unavoidable, contributing to the overall reduction of global GHG concentrations.

2. Support for Sustainable Development: Many of the carbon offset projects we support are located in developing countries and contribute to sustainable development goals.

3. Economic Incentives: Our offsetting system creates financial incentives for further investment in green technologies and sustainable practices. This, in turn, drives innovation and accelerates the transition to a low-carbon economy.

4. Awareness and Accountability: By incorporating carbon offsets into our purchasing process, our goal is for customers to become more aware of their carbon footprints and to take responsibility for their environmental impact. This heightened awareness often leads to more sustainable choices in the long term.

While carbon offsets are a valuable tool, we understand that they are not a complete solution. We are committed to continuing to strive to reduce emissions at the source through sustainable practices and innovative product design, while using offsets to address the emissions we cannot eliminate. Welcome to our uncompromising work in progress.


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