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April 01, 2024

V~Into: April 2024

There's no planet B.

V~Into: April 2024

There's no planet B.

Earth month is more than just a month. It's a mindset. As a collective conscious of humans, we believe each decision matters - from what you eat to how you gather together. Here are some things we are V~Into that help us impact, not imprint, this planet we call home. Because there is no planet B. 

Community: Natural Fiber Welding

In the abundance of nature’s circular systems, everything created returns to soil as nutrients for the next cycle of growth. NFW builds on nature’s own supply chains to engineer and create scalable technologies and sustainable materials for fully circular production.

Food: Flour + Water

Award-winning restaurant quality pasta without the reservation. Born out of the kitchen of Flour + Water in San Francisco, this restaurant quality pasta sourcesorganic + regenerative ingredients from North American farmers with climate-friendly practices. They also partner with Zero Food Print, an organization that supports farmers as they transition to restorative soil health practices.

Art: Maya Lin's Ghost Forest

Maya Lin’s Ghost Forest, a towering stand of forty-nine haunting Atlantic white cedar trees, is a newly-commissioned public art work. Lin brings her vision as an artist and her agency as an environmental activist to this project, a memory of germination, vegetation, and abundance and a harsh symbol of the devastation of climate change. The height of each tree, around forty feet, overwhelms human scale and stands as a metaphor of the outsized impact of a looming environmental calamity. 

Now Listening: Lana del Rey "The Greatest"

The Greatest is one of the tracks off of Lana Del Reys 2019 album, Norman Fucking Rockwell. In it, she sings about missing the "good old days" in her relationship and the world in general, but further expressing frustrations with how the world has changed and the destructive nature of society today saying, "L.A.’s in flames, it’s getting hot/Kanye West is blonde and gone/‘Life on Mars’ ain’t just a song.”

"It’s a playful, graceful way to voice a common feeling of helplessness and overstimulation. And if she sounds more at peace than the rest of us, it’s because she’s been here a while, waiting for us to catch up before it’s too late." - Pitchfork 

Currently Reading: The Overview

Metamorphosis begins within. In order to mend our relationship with this planet, we need more than sustainability: we need a change of spirit. From the reciprocity of trees to the long view of volcanoes to the patience of spiders, The Overview illuminates the wisdom of the Earth and its many teachers. An anthology of meditative essays from Atmos Editor-in-Chief Willow Defebaugh alongside immersive photography of ecosystems around the world, it’s a pathway for reconnecting with nature through reverence, balance, evolution, and healing.

Design We Love: Samantha Friedman's Sunday Drops

Samantha is a vintage clothing collector and curator that hosts Instagram story "drop" sales in which she showcases one-of-a-kind vintage designer pieces for sale.

Watching: An Inconvenient Truth

20 years ago we had the problem and the solution in our hands but did nothing. In this 2006 documentary, filmmaker Davis Guggenheim follows Al Gore on the lecture circuit, as the former presidential candidate campaigns to raise public awareness of the dangers of global warming and calls for immediate action to curb its destructive effects on the environment.

Self Care: RŌZ Hair Care

RŌZ is vegan, organic, sustainably-sourced and cruelty-free haircare inspired by nature and driven by performance. From organic coconut alkenes to ethically-sourced sunflower oils to drops of bergamot, their ingredients bring the fruits of nature to your palm and roots. Meticulously crafted and mindfully-made, RŌZ  products strive to restore hair to its natural state: nourished and balanced.

Kitchen: Package Free Shop

We can't get enough of this lifestyle goods brand providing clean, low-waste products that are better for you and for the planet. Their online store reduces the need for single-use plastic through sustainable versions of every day products - all made with safe, non-toxic ingredients (most have only 5 natural ingredients or less!). Their packaging is also 100% recyclable and most can even be composted directly in your backyard.

Currently Coveting: west~bourne x Upstate Crew Neck 

Sometimes it's easy to be green. Our partnership crew neck from upstate uses 100% low carbon and pesticide free cotton and is hand-dyed (with marigolds and indigo) and sewn in NYC.

Upstate is a clothing, textile, and glasswares line, as well as creative studio founded by Kalen Kaminski. Both a meditation on and celebration of the numinous nature of color, Upstate takes inspiration from the terrestrial as much as the cosmic. Often drawing from the palettes, landscapes and visual cultures encountered in her global travels from locales ranging from Oaxaca, Mexico to Puglia, Italy to the verdant countryside of the Berkshires, Kaminski synthesizes these various influences and marries them with her own unfettered, modern sensibility creating an aesthetic both time-honored and completely of the moment. Spurred by a passion for experimentation and exploration in hand-dyeing techniques the Upstate ethos embraces singularity, kineticism, and exuberance in both design and life. 

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