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September 15, 2023

V~Into: September 2023

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Manuela Mejia

V~Into: September 2023

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 - Oct. 15) - a month that celebrates the rich, vibrant cultures, histories and contributions of the Hispanic/Latinx communities, our partnerships manager + Colombian-native Manuela Mejia shares nine diverse voices, artists, brands and rituals that remind us of the cultura vibrante of the Caribbean, Central, and South America, plus Mexico.

Education: Hispanic + Latinx

When celebrating cultures outside of our own, education is the best place to start. We often hear “Hispanic” or “Latinx” used to describe someone, but did you know the two terms are not interchangeable? The main difference: "Hispanic" refers to anyone whose culture's primary spoken language is Spanish (which includes Spain, but not Brazil), while "Latinx" refers to anyone whose cultural heritage is based in Latin America (this includes Brazil and the Caribbean, but not Spain). And if you’re wondering where the “x“ came from, “Latinx” provides inclusivity and a gender-neutral term for someone of Latin descent.

Around the Table: Apéro Hour Bundle

Here to make your magic hour gatherings extra special, the west~bourne x Casa Velasquez Apéro Hour Bundle ️is mindfully curated with our longtime friend and fellow Colombiana, Mariana Velasquez.

I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with celebrated food stylist, recipe developer, cookbook author + founder of Casa Velasquez, Mariana, on various projects.. As a pillar of our story, she’s styled + developed recipes for our first-ever west~bourne shoot, created magical outdoor scenes for the official launch of our Avocado Oils last year, and most recently, she welcomed us into her home (and mind) for our latest Everyday Avocado Oil and Apéro Hour Bundle shoot.

She is magic, and this bundle is the hosting set we always dreamed of.

Art of Impact: Doris Salcedo

Since I was little, I’ve admired the work of Doris Salcedo, a celebrated Colombian visual artist and sculptor. Influenced by her life in Colombia and composed of everyday items – wooden furniture, clothes, concrete, grass, and rose petals – Salcedo's work gives form to pain, trauma, and loss while creating space for individual and collective mourning. Through bold installations and sculptures, she depicts her personal history (and the story of many) in brave, impactful, and resounding ways.

Good-on-Everything: Chimichurri

Growing up in Miami, surrounded by a strong and diverse Latinx community, chimichurri was a staple of every asado (or BBQ). This bright condiment, originating from Argentina and Uruguay, is used for marinades and as a topping across various Latinx/Hispanic cuisines. 

Packed with fresh herbs, zippy white wine vinegar, and a little kick, I’ve started swapping the olive oil for our Everyday Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, and somehow it’s made it even better as a topping for just about everything from grilled meats, roasted veggies, and even eggs. Recipe below:

1/2 cup west~bourne Extra Virgin Avocado Oil
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
1/2 cup finely chopped parsley
3-4 cloves garlic (or half a shallot), finely chopped or minced
1 red chili, deseeded and finely chopped (about 1 tablespoon finely chopped chili)
3/4 teaspoon dried oregano
1 level teaspoon coarse salt
pepper, to taste 

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Allow to sit for 5-10 minutes to release all of the flavors into the oil before using. Ideally, let it sit for more than 2 hours, if time allows.
Chimichurri can be prepared earlier than needed and refrigerated for later use.

Deeply Rooted: Ceremonia

Growing up as a Latina in Sweden without much representation around her, Babba Riviera founded Ceremonia after moving to the U.S. and reconnecting with her Latinx heritage.

Born out of the desire to celebrate the richness of Latin culture while highlighting the next generation of Latinx, Ceremonia offers clean, sustainable hair care for all, packed with natural ingredients from Latin America.

Self-Care: The Writing Ritual

For years I've found writing to be a pivotal self-care routine for both the many emotions (both positive and confusing) that come with being an immigrant + a latina. For anyone who's looking to explore your voice and cultivate a meaningful relationship with writing, I highly suggest The Writing Ritual – a 4-week virtual creative writing program with weekly workshops, daily prompts, and a supportive community. Next session starts October 2nd. 

Kitchen Inspo: Masa by Jorge Gaviria

Written by Masienda founder Jorge Gaviria with input from food scientists, academics, corn breeders, journalists, tortilla artisans, third-generation tortilleria owners, and home cooks, Masa reveals the history and science behind masa as well as the replicable techniques and tools for making your own masa at home.

Must-Watch: Roma

Roma is a movie that stays with you for years and is Alfonso Cuarón’s highly personal, three-time Oscar-winning movie that carefully revisits his childhood with a better understanding of the inequalities that existed in his household. “Roma” centers not on the perspective of a light-skinned, middle-class Mexican boy but on the indigenous domestic worker who helped raise him.

On Auto-Play: Super Mamás: 

Super Mamás is a hysterical and insightful podcast hosted by moms and sisters Paulina and Bricia Lopez. Providing a judgment-free space for new, expecting, and experienced mamás, you’ll laugh and cry when you hear them connect with friends, experts, and each other on the benefits and frustrations of being bilingual, postpartum struggles, and working mom guilt.


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