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Gift Box - $35.00

Gift Box - $35.00

From our kitchen to theirs, make your gift special in our beautifully wrapped USA-made wooden box with compostable hay and customizable seeded-paper handwritten note.

Origin Story

Made With

1 Wood Box Fully Compostable

Plant Based Bag, Label and Stuffing
1 Seeded Paper Handwritten Note



Redefining Good Packaging

We love good packaging. Even better, packaging that does good. Always recycled, our boxes may arrive looking less than pristine thanks to always being upcycled and reused.

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Our Zero Waste Approach

Protecting our planet and our future is a collective effort. When you buy our goods, we purchase carbon credits and invest in food-related projects that offset emissions, effectively maintaining our carbon footprint neutral.

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Seeded Crisp

A holiday cheeseboard must have! Our savory sweet nutrient rich, crunchy, gluten free cracker, inspired by our House Granola, is loaded with superfood goodness, antioxidant rich pumpkin seeds, and immunity boosting honey. It perfectly pairs with festive cheeses, jams, and butters.