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Avocado Oil

A pure avocado oil for cooking and finishing, zero~waste and climate positive as always with west~bourne.

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Pure Pair

A vibrant and versatile set of Extra Virgin Organic Avocado Oil and 100% Pure Avocado Oil made for drizzling, dipping, dressing, searing, baking, and sautéing.

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Organic Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

A pure finishing oil, best enjoyed simply.

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Over crunchy green salads, charred vegetables, and fresh bread.

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Atop baked goods, over yogurt, and ice cream, too (yes, you heard us right).

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100% Pure
Avocado Oil

A pure cooking oil meant for sauteing, searing, and roasting.

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Ideal for high heat cooking and grilling. 

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Use for baking too, plus pretty much anything else you can think of.

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Organic Orchard

Avocados are a fruit. Ours are grown and pressed at the source of an organic family-run avocado orchard in Mexico where year round warm weather allows avocados to thrive.

Harvested in Aquarius

Gathered under Aquarius between January 31 and February 10, then ripened for three days.

Pressed At The Source

Fresh is best. Handpicked, pressed, and consciously crafted on location on February 15.

Bottled in Southern California

At a small, local facility using USA made recycled glass meant to be rinsed, reused, refilled, or recycled with 100% compostable labels and tamper seals.

Orchard to Bottle

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