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January 08, 2024

Meet Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

Farming the nutrient-rich seaweed found in our Togarashi Crunch.

Meet Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

On our mission to forge a new type of regenerative food system, we're proud to collaborate with farmers doing important work to preserve natural resources and applying sustainable practices in growing, harvesting, and distributing.

We introduce you to Maine Coast Sea Vegetables — responsible for the nutrient-rich seaweed found in our Togarashi Crunch.

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables was founded in 1971 by Shep and Linnette Erhart in their farmhouse kitchen in Franklin, Maine. The company has a rich history of pioneering North American seaweed harvesting standards, enriching seaweed science and knowledge, establishing quality standards, and building customer trust. All of the seaweed at MCSV is wild-harvested from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic, then dried at mild temperatures to preserve enzymes and nutrients in compliance with Organic Certification (they were the first organic certified seaweed company in the US). 

Why Seaweed?

- Seaweed contains one of the highest sources of dietary iodine

- Low in fat, high in fiber that benefits cardiovascular health

- Full of antioxidants including vitamin A, B and C

- Supports healthy gut microbiome to aid in digestion

- Contains all essential amino acids

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