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July 02, 2024

V~Into: July 2024

V~Into: July 2024

We’re in the thick of summer and soaking up the long days and warm nights as much as we can through al fresco dinners, beach time, and Farmer’s Market strolls.

While we’re basking in the great outdoors, we’re also committed to caring for planetary health, as well. We’re always aiming to reduce our environmental footprint by eliminating as many single-use plastics as we can and encourage you to try your hand at it for the month of July (and beyond). In the spirit of Plastic-Free July, we’re sharing some of our favorite books, films, and thoughtful products that speak to this effort and are inspiring us this season.

Community: White Buffalo Land Trust

White Buffalo Land Trust is a Santa Ynez-based organization focused on sustainable land stewardship in an effort to combat climate change and offer more equitable, well-sourced options in the food supply chain. It’s a leader in the regenerative farming movement and works with brands (large and small) to help foster and implement regenerative processes. Founded in 2018, by Steve Finkel in honor of this late wife Lyndsey McMorrow, her legacy and commitment to the Earth lives on through this important organization. 

Design: Jonathan Burford Ceramics

Multidisciplinary designer and creative director, Jonathan Burford, has lent his expert eye to brands ranging from Levi’s to Farfetch to Jimmy Choo. In addition to his design and fashion work, he also is a talented ceramic artist—concepting and creating quirky pieces that add a little whimsy into the everyday. We’re particularly fond of this incense holder shaped like an ear (with a perfectly placed hole for the incense)—made with raw, unglazed clay. 

Food: west~bourne Apero Bundle 

There’s no better way to soak up summer sunsets than with apéro hour. Our Apéro Hour bundle offers everything you need to host a dreamy afternoon of cocktails and snacks—including Casa Velasquez linens, coasters, and our newly launched avocado oil set (which features a duo of 100 percent pure avocado oil and an organic extra virgin avocado oil). Pour your favorite wine, set up your go-to snacks, and you’re good to go.

Home: Blueland

Blueland is an eco-minded cleaning supply company that aims to reduce the use of single-use plastics. The brand offers easy-to-refill bottles (you just drop in a dissolvable tablet in water and you’re set) so you don’t have to keep bringing in plastic bottles every time you want to clean. The range of products covers bathroom cleaners, soaps, dishwashing detergents, and more. 

Watch:Why Plastics?

“Every piece of plastic ever made is still on the planet”—let that sink in for a second. The filmWhy Plastics by Patagonia Films dives into the problem of plastics within our clothing—from health risks to massive amounts of global clothing waste. The 27-minute film breaks down the issues with PETs and other non-natural materials and supports solutions with information on how to collectively find alternatives to synthetic materials—or at the very least reduce the amount of them. 

Self-Care: Vyrao 

As a brand “built on vibes,” Vyrao offers energetic healing through natural and organic fragrances, speaking to specific spiritual properties. The result? An array of layered scents (like Witchy Woo and I Am Verdant) you canfeel—providing a full-scope sensory experience in a bottle. What’s more, the brand is committed to sustainability practices through crafting its fragrances, which arecomposed of 88 to 89 percent natural ingredients, with raw ingredients, ethically sourced by perfumery master Robertet Grasse and grown without pesticides and fertilizers. Also, its packaging is free of plastic and unneeded packing materials. 

Book:Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair With Trash 

Published in 2013 by Edward Hunes,Garbology is a striking look at our global trash problem—its components, how much we create, and the long-term impacts of it all. The award-winning book has since been introduced into high school and college curricula and offers a comprehensive look at the problem while also introducing creative solutions. 

Currently Listening: Noah Cyrus, July 

This one is self-explanatory, but also we can't get enough of Noah Cyrus' music. You can feel that Noah has lived every song and her experiences burn bright over a body of work steeped in pop spirit, folk eloquence, and the country soul of her Nashville roots.

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