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March 21, 2024

Putting Plastic in the Past

Putting Plastic in the Past

The US is the largest generator of plastic waste in the world, generating about 287 pounds of plastics per person. Plastics account for roughly 12 percent of U.S. municipal solid waste generation, with plastic containers and packaging the main source of plastic waste. 

These plastics can take hundreds or thousands of years to decompose—and in the meantime, become microplastics that wreak havoc on the environment. Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that result from both commercial product development and the breakdown of larger plastics. 

"In 2019, a study commissioned by the World Wide Fund for Nature found that the average person may be consuming as much as five grams of plastic every week - the equivalent, as the report's authors put it, of an entire credit card." -The New York Times

Our commitment from day one at west~bourne: 100% plastic-free and zero-waste from seed to shelf, or production to packaging. We've pioneered the latest innovations in packaging to minimize waste with every component of our products. From our 100% home compostable, plant-resin pouches and domestic carbon-friendly glass jars to fully recyclable bottles with dissolvable, soy ink, plant-based labels - we've left no stone unturned and remain hungry for more, always on the search for the next frontier.

[Compostable] Pouches

We use 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and resealable vegan pouches that are fully compostable for all of our snack mixes.

[Carbon-Friendly] Glass

Our Avocado Oils are packed in reusable and recyclable carbon-friendly glass bottles with no plastic liners, ever.

[Consciously] Sealed

Even our tamper bands that keep lids on in the shipping process are fully compostable and plastic-free.

[Biodegradable] Labels

We've even thought about our labels - printing on plant-based, tree free paper, using soy-ink and even a plant-based adhesive. 

[Tree-Free] Paper

Inserts in every order are made of hemp, making them more than 3x more recyclable than tree paper.


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