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December 28, 2023

Persimmons & Yogurt

From our friends at Gjusta Grocer

Persimmons & Yogurt

A decadently-simple and seasonal recipe from our friend, Olivia at Gjusta Grocers featuring fuyu persimmons, European style yogurt, Goji Berry Crunch and Extra Virgin Avocado Oil. 

Olivia Cappelletti is a manager at Gjusta Grocer and a professional cook who you can find working in restaurant kitchens, homes, and at events around LA. She draws heavily from her Italian roots, but is first and foremost inspired by the ever-evolving local produce we are lucky to have access to in Southern California. 


Fuyu persimmon
European-style plain yogurt (we used Le Zette Sheep's milk yogurt!)
west~bourne Extra Virgin Avocado Oil 
west~bourne Goji Berry Crunch, finely crumbled 
Maldon Sea Salt (or other flakey salt of your choosing!)


Slice the top off the persimmon and discard. Cut through the top of the fruit to make six wedges, and arrange them in your bowl. Dollop the yogurt over the fruit, then drizzle with West Bourne Extra Virgin Avocado Oil. Top with Goji Berry Crunch crumble, Maldon sea salt, and enjoy!

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